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Park Farm Partnership, an organisation training for young people

By developing their individual skills our trainees create confident identities. We believe teamwork is a basic requirement to achieve individual success.

To work well in all teams we need commitment, self awareness and creativity. Each of these three aspects asks us to reflect on our own selves, and to become aware and responsive to the world around us.

Back2Basics Training


You have commitment to yourself and your own goals, and maybe to an organisation and the people you work with – do you all share the same goals? What will you do if you find that they are different? Understanding difference and having the ability to be flexible in communicating means we can connect and engage.

Self awareness and self management

Can you lead and manage yourself? What does it mean to you to be self aware? Using exercises as teams and discussions in the group we explore common issues and create solutions.

Creative Leadership

Leadership is about being yourself in a way that others choose to be led by you. What are your key strengths?Followership is a missing part in the dialogue about Leadership. Why do we follow and what motivates us?

Back to Basics Course

To help young school leavers answer these questions for themselves we have created the Back2Basics Leadership and Communication course, which provides participants the opportunity to develop the core skills needed to communicate confidently in a professional, ethical and competent manner.

Employment Training for Young People

Training to help young people transition from school and college to the workplace. They encounter different values and working practices, we train to help them integrate, and motivate themselves in this new environment.

Resilience Training

All our courses focus on resilience as an outcome. By using the exercises we have written and developed from working with young people we can guide them to think and respond flexibly and creativity.

Communication builds community, confidence and opens doors of opportunity, leaving young people to develop these skills on their own is slow and can leave them trailing.


We Write and Deliver Training Designed for Young People

We are experienced coaches who specialise in training and working with young people. Young people have different expectations and incentives to the established workforce in an organisation. Developing a wider perspective of their organisation is a mature outlook we specifically teach and use as a foundation in all our courses.

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Back2Basics Training for Young People

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